1,000 lumens Fusion8910-PG Plant Growth

1,000 lumens Fusion8910-PG Plant Growth
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Product Description

Typically LED grow lights come in three shapes: Tubes, bars and box lights. Tubes are low intensity, negligible heat luminaries often used as retrofit for T8 fluorescent tubes. Tissue culture and vertical farming are the most common applications. Bars vary in intensity greatly and are thus most versatile, ranging in applications from multi-tier cultivation to greenhouses where they hang high and cover a large area of crop. Box lights are typically high intensity lights and are thus used in greenhouses, sometimes as HID replacements. Fusion8910-PG is more compact, greater energy efficiency than those conventional luminaries. It is also simple and flexible installation than other one.

Product specification:

Model: FUSION-8910PG

Input voltage: 86V-277V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power dissipation: 8 watt.

Power factor: >0.95

Equivalent: 100 Watt.

Wave length: Full Spectrum Red 450nm; Blue 660nm

Luminous flux: 1,000 lumens (Min.)

Beam angle: >140 degrees

Bulb size: 3.5 inch diameter, 3.0 inch height

Net weight: 2.5 oz. /each

Life time: 20,000 hours with normal condition

Warranty: 1 year free (http://www.thefusionlite.com/info.html )