FUSION 9016DC for Ryobi P716

FUSION 9016DC for Ryobi P716
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Product Description

FUSION 9016DC for Ryobi P716
Fusion-9016DC is DIY kit for Ryobi P716

FUSION-9016DC is LED replacement for Ryobi P716 HID.

Input power: 12~20V lithium battery.

Power dissipation: 15 Watt.

LED: 48 PCs 0.5Watt customer made LED.

Light color: Pure white.

Accessories: T20 screwdriver, 5 holes washer, BA9S socket with B&R wires,

M3*8 4PCs., 2 Pin white warp connector.

Shipping dimension: 6".x5".x3".

Shipping weight: 7 oz.

Made in Hong Kong.