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70 lumens LED Flashlight (Pack of 24)
70 lumens LED Flashlight (Pack of 24)
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Product Description

Product Description

Pack of 24

70 Lumens STARLITE-128F LED Flashlight

Luminous intensity is up to 170 cd.

True Spot Reflector system with max.70 lumens of output.

Ultra brightness PR29 Enhancement LED Bulb with 65 lumens.

Can be replaced with PR29 UV or Warm white LED Bulb (Optional)

Beam distance more than 100 meters.

It runs with 2 PCs AA batteries (battery is not included).

Normal battery run time is 4 hours.

The STARLITE-128F comes with 4 color plastic barrel.

Barrel color Yellow, Red, Blue and Black.

Its body diameter is 3.5 cm and 16.0 cm length.

It operates with the slide On/Off switch.

Shipping Dimensions 34cm x 17cm x 6cm

Shipping weight 1200 grams.

Made in Hong Kong.