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1,500 lumens LED Up Graded for Makita 18V
1,500 lumens LED Up Graded for Makita 18V
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Product Description

FUSION POWER MODULE luminous flux is 1,500 lumens !

FUSION POWER MODULED has up graded to warm shifted LED light (x=0.35, y=0.36).

FUSION POWER MODULE is designed for 6.5 W, 12 V to 20 V Makita Working Light.

FUSION POWER MODULE is compatible for Makita BML185 Flashlight.

FUSION POWER MODULE adopts uniquire and patent light engine.

China Patent: ZL 2008 2 0047249.8; International Patent: PCT/CN2009/071470 U.S. Pattent Pending: 371 of PCT/CN2009/071470 04/27/2009

FUSION POWER MODULE is drop-in replacement module, and no reflector is needed.

FUSION POWER MODULE projects homogeneous flood light as long as 300 feet and even more.

FUSION POWER MODULE radiates maximum 2,000 lux floodlight and without dark corner.

FUSION POWER MODULE battery run time is more than 4 hours.

FUSION POWER MODULE LED has minimum 20,000 hours life time.

FUSION 48 has up graded with Nichia K1 Series LED from February 2010 !

FUSION 48 has up graded to 6.5W 1,300 lumnens from May 2010 with the newest generation Nichia K1 LEDs !!

FUSION 48 has up graded with Warm Shifted Nichia K1 LED from October 2010 !!!

FUSION 48 with silicon rubber gaskets are new designed (Dec,2010) for Makita cordless flashlight.

FUSION 48 with silicon rubber gaskets are compatible and suitable for many kinds of 6V~18V working lights.

We are selling FUSION 48 LED Power Module with Silicon Rubber Gasket only. Makita flashlight is not included.

Made In Hong Kong. .