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28 lumens LED Module for 2 AA and 2 AAA Mini MagLite _Pack of 100
28 lumens LED Module for 2 AA and 2 AAA Mini MagLite _Pack of 100
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Product Description

Product Description

Product Description Specification of Bi-Pin LED Module for 2 AA and 2 AAA Mini Maglite

Pack of 100

Battery : 2 AA or 2AAA (Lithium Battery is not allowed)

Operating voltage : 1.6V ~ 3.2V

Typical working current : 0.13A/3.0V

Maximum luminous Flux : 28 lumens

Luminous intensity : Typical 70 cd with original reflector

Outer diameter : 12.0 mm

Metal case thickness : 2.5 mm

Bi - Pin dimension : 0.5 mm x 7.0 mm

Bi - Pin finishing : Gold plated with carbon steel

Battery run time : Min. 20 hours continually with alkaline batteries

LED type: Customer made 3 mm LED

Reflector: Original of flashlight

Drop test : 3 times at 1 meter high from any direction

*** We are continuing to improve the newest 2 AA or 2 AAA Bi - Pin module for Mini MagLite.

The 3 mm LED Bi-Pin Module has very long battery run time (more than 20 hours with 2 AAA alkaline). The specification is subject to change and without notice.

The specification is for reference only. ***

LED Module is polarity product. If the LED does not light on, User can pull up the module, rotaets 180 degree axially, reinsert and done.

User should not give another screw when LED turned off !!! . .